Arthuur is looking for musicians for a work-in-progress / exhibition / performance to join a short residency at Kulter. & presentation during the Spring Notations Gathering [May/June 2102].


Arthuur is een performance and a work in progress.

Arthuur is dance-music-visual meeting in improvisation, where the instant happening on the stage materializes on three levels – by sound, movement and drawn line.

This project was created in collaboration between two dancers, two graphic designers and two musicians. Together they focus on the research of how to capture “a moment” happening on the stage while shared with an audience.
*graphic designers: Deimion van der Sloot [NL] & Hidde Meulenbeek [NL]
*dancers: Kateřina Dietzová [CZ/NL] & Manuela Tessi [IT/NL]
*various musicians involved, including: Alfredo Genovesi [UK, NL - guitar and electronics], Kim Josephine Bode [DE/NL - recorders], George Cremaschi (US/CZ), Petr Vrba (CZ)

This search is framed by short time chapters given by graphic designers according to when they change sheet of paper in the Arthuur-machine and in this way start a new chapter. Each movement-music chapter has its own registration, which is displayed for the audience to have a look and in the end creates a small exhibition. Arthuur develops, by his own will, rather as a site-specific project; he likes to react on different environments and architectural and spatial definition.

[dance music visual collaboration, NL/CZ]